Discover New Wines & Wineries With The Wine Explorer Card

Beyond Napa Valley’s Wine Explorer membership allows you to access a curated list of participating wineries with exclusive discounts. This membership is for the wine explorer who wants to get out and explore the wine regions of the world.

With membership you’ll get the following at all participating wineries:

With a yearly membership, you’ll get the following at all participating wineries

Complimentary tasting for you + guest

With our card, all of your tastings are complimentary as well as your guest. We want you to get out and explore without the worry of what the tasting fee might be.

10% off wine purchases

Find a wine you like? Awesome. Grab it. Our card allows you to purchase all wine at the winery for 10% off. From the most widely distributed to the reserve blend, you get it all at a reduced price.

25% off enhanced / reserve tasting

Have you ever been to a winery where you were tempted to try a reserve flight of wine but the cost prohibited you from trying it? With the card, we bring the cost down for you, allowing you to go ahead and try that reserve flight of wine.

Additional 5% off your wine purchase the day you join the wine club*

Sometimes you just fall in love with all of the wine a winery has to offer. The best way to enjoy the wines at a greater discount is to join the wine club. We want to make the experience a little better by giving you an additional 5% of the winery’s discount when joining.

And yes, there’s an app for this

An app for easy access

Have your phone? You’ve got your access. Just pull up our app and show your membership to the tasting room staff. That’s it. You’re in!

Record notes of your wine tasting experience—easily

Yes, that sounds like a notepad. It is, in a way. But we give you the ability to record notes of wineries you’ve visited, making your notes easily accessible. Ever forget a particular red blend or varietal you tried and like? With our journal feature, you can quickly log notes of your tasting adventures.

Easy access to a history of the wineries you’ve visited

Have you ever been home telling a friend about a winery that was absolutely amazing but you’re blanking on the name of it? Our check-in feature of our app logs the wineries you’ve been to, allowing you to quickly review where you’ve gone tasting.

Wine maps!

Who doesn’t love a good wine map? Our website features a map of participating wineries and restaurants as well as on our app as well.


There’s more then just wine tasting…

Your Wine Explorer Card membership extends beyond the tasting room

No corkage at local restaurants with local wine

Find a bottle you think would go great at dinner? Awesome! Our partner restaurants have agreed to waive your corkage fee if you bring a local bottle into a local restaurant.

Discounts on hotel stays

If you’re traveling for the weekend, you’re probably going to stay somewhere. We’ve partnered with local hotels to ensure you stay as close to the grapes and tasting rooms as possible. Simply mention that you are a Wine Explorer card member and present your digital card to the hotel staff to receive your discount.

Discounts on chauffeured transportation

Drink responsibility and please don’t drive drunk. We want you to have a safe wine tasting experience. That’s why we’ve partnered with transportation companies to get you to the tasting rooms safe and sound. Just mention you’re a Wine Explorer card member and receive your discount. (Bring your phone with you to present your card to the driver upon pickup.)

Discounts on wine events

We’ve working to partner with wine events to extend your Wine Explorer Card go even further. Throughout the year, we will have discounts to wine events that include our wineries.

From the founder, Haydn S. Adams

I love wine tasting at the actual winery because they normally don’t distribute all their wines, so going to a winery is the only place to taste their entire portfolio. Where do you start? What are the costs? Will the wine be any good? Tasting fees can easily sneak up on you, and that’s not even the cost of the wine. I wanted a program that was all about wine exploration—about getting out to the wine regions and trying and exploring.

The Wine Explorer Card™ is a curated list of wineries that are somewhat under the radar. They are the hidden gems, the ones you might have missed looking at a wine map. With the card, you can taste gratis, try new wines you might have not normally ventured to taste and expand your winery exploration. 

The more you go wine tasting, the more you maximize your membership.

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