Dessert Wines in Dry Creek Valley eBook

Dessert Wines in Dry Creek Valley eBook



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Have a craving for a delicious port-style dessert wine? Have a day in wine country and wondering where to go? Wish someone would just tell you where to visit? Want to try something new in wine country? Then this eBook is for you. The eBook features 3 wineries, all close to each other. In addition to their regular wine tasting list, each features a dessert wine: 2 port-style late harvest wines and 1 authentic Port, grown from Portuguese grapes in Dry Creek Valley.

All of the wineries can be found in Dry Creek Valley and immediate surrounding area, making it an easy 1-day wine tasting trip. Dry Creek Valley and wineries are all located about 90 minutes north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.

Dessert wines are less common than you might expect. And if you’re not looking for them, they could be hidden amongst the countless wines the winery produces. This eBook highlights them and lets you know where to find them along the wine road.

Happy tasting!

Inside the eBook you’ll find:

  • Description of the winery and wines
  • Photos of the winery, the wine, and the tasting room
  • Hours of operation
  • Pricing guide of tasting fees
  • Links to Google Maps to easily find your way to each winery
  • Phone number and address of each winery
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Why 3 wineries?

We like to think we are going to hit more wineries than we actually do. I’m guilty as charged on that thinking. While it’s easy to mathematically formulate you can get to 4, 5 or 6 wineries in a day, the simple truth is, alcohol plays a big part we don’t always calculate.

I figure that two wineries is too few in a day and four is just too much. With 4-5 tastes per stop, you’re going on 15+ tastes in one day. If the alcohol doesn’t hit you by then, you’re palate might start to fatigue. Instead of bumping up to that preverbal number, I find it’s better to plan for 3 wineries and simply enjoy the taste without worrying. Take time to enjoy each stop instead of rushing to the next.

It’s a quick read

Each chapter is about a 5 minute read. The goal is not to spend hours staring at this book but rather to read and go forth and explore. I want you to go out and wine taste, not spend the day plotting where you are going to go. After all, the mission of Beyond Napa Valley is to discover new wines and wineries. The only real way of doing that is to gas up the car (unless you’re in a Tesla or Leaf) and try some new wines at a few wineries you’ve yet to explore.