After careful consideration, I choose to not feature advertisements on Beyond Napa Valley. While the income would be nice, I feel advertisements take away from the focus of my site and detract from my credibility. I write and share with you because it is my passion. My goal is to bring you unbiased reviews of wines and wineries from all over the globe. I want to bring you a beautiful way to discover new wines and great wineries. I try to incorporate pictures, it is true what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words and give you sense of “being there” with me. When I am visiting wineries my mind is constantly working to take in and document what my readers would enjoy.

I truly hope that you’ve learned something on Beyond Napa Valley. That you’ve discovered a new wine, a new winery or even a new wine region. If you have found some help through this site, I’m asking for a small donation to help keep the site going. Outside of my main teaching job, I love to spend weekends and holidays up in the wine regions documenting, writing, photographing and introducing new material to you. All of the travel does add up. But with your continued support, I can continue to bring you new locales, beyond Napa Valley.

Thank you,

Haydn S. Adams

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Your donations will go into Haydn’s travels (and the travels of other writers when we get to that point). From gas fill-ups to bribing international customs officers (just kidding, really), your funds will go into further expanding Beyond Napa Valley.

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