Category: Alexander Valley

Medlock Ames Winery

There is something majestic about driving into Alexander Valley. The multi-story buildings of nearby Healdsburg and Geyserville fade away and all you have on nearly all sides of you are vineyards. There’s only a few roads into the valley. And where the two main roads meet, Alexander Valley Rd. and Hwy 128 is where you’ll find the newer kid on the block. Welcome to Medlock…

Stonestreet Estate Vineyards

Am I at a winery or at someone’s house? How comfortable are these couches and chairs outside? How incredibly beautiful is the large sculpture of a horse? Is this real? Yep. Welcome to Stonestreet. There are two locations to taste Stonestreet’s wines. The first is the downtown Healdsburg location. The second, and more highly recommend is out off of Hwy 128 in the Alexander Valley….