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How to follow #hashtags on Instagram

How to follow hashtags on Instagram from Haydn S. Adams on Vimeo. This might be the quietest biggest thing Instagram has ever done. Now you can follow #hashtags on Instagram. This is crucial if you are advertising a special hashtag at a conference or creating an ad campaign and you want to quickly see in your feed when someone uses a specific hashtag. Here is…

Review: Taft Street Winery

California, for all of its glamour, has very humble roots. In order to build a conglomerate you first have to start small. Thus, it’s no surprise many companies in California started in garages— Hewlett-Packard (HP), Apple and Taft Street. Welcome. Come on in. The underlying theme of Taft Street Winery is it’s humble upbringings and that this is not a chateaux.  Nothing could be more…

3 Wines to drink for Valentine’s Day

3 wines to drink on Valentine's Day (that's not Sparkling)

Greetings Beyond Napa Valley fans. I took last week off to do some wine research but I'm back in the captain's chair. I thought I'd talk about 3 wines that I recommend for Valentine's Day, that's not sparkling. 1. Pinot GrisThe French equivalent to Pinot Grigio. An under-the-radar white that you can surprise your date with during dinner over seafood. It can also hold up to Thai or other asian spices as long as they aren't too spicy. The wine featured in the video is the 2016 Taft Street Winery Pinot Gris.2. AlbariñoI like the Albariño for myriad of reasons, but on a Valentine's Day date, I thought the possibility could be high that you're going for Tapas, as they are meant to be shared. And when in Spain, do as the Spaniards. The wine featured is the Albariño, by Bedrock Wine Co., made in part with help from Michael Havens, the first to bring this Spanish varietal to the new world. 3. TempranilloAlso going in the Spanish direction here. I call Tempranillo's baby cabs as they tend to ripen faster and, to me, age just a bit faster too. You can pair this grape with any medium-style means or a lean cut of beef. But don't go too far in the steak department. Plus, steaks are heavy for a Valentine's Day dinner. The wine featured is the Lot II by Mercury Wine (hi Grady!).Hope this gives you time to go out to your local wine shop and pick up one of these 3 varietals for Valentine's Day.Cheers,Haydn

Posted by Beyond Napa Valley on Monday, February 5, 2018

I thought I’d talk about 3 wines that I recommend for Valentine’s Day, that’s not sparkling. 1. Pinot Gris The French equivalent to Pinot Grigio. An under-the-radar white that you can surprise your date with during dinner over seafood. It can also hold up to Thai or other asian spices as long as they aren’t too spicy. The wine featured in the video is the…

Bonny Doon Winery

Wine has an austere to it—high society, with royalty and the upper-class. Wine must be this way or that way. Labels with scripted type, falling leaves and chateaus help seal the deal that this commodity is not designed for commoners. Then there’s Bonny Doon. Toss out your expectations before walking through the tasting room door in Davenport, a few miles north of Santa Cruz, California….

Review: Matanzas Creek Winery

Driving into Bennett Valley, with rows of perfectly manicured vines with leaves changing from orange to red, I gazed my eyes upon the hillsides at the top of the valley. Burnt, charred and effectively scared for years to come, I breathed a sigh of relief. Matanzas Creek was spared. But only by a few hundred feet at best. The behemoth that was the fires of…

J. Rickards Sémillon with Wine Country Journeys

I sat down with Jerry from Wine Country Journeys to talk about J. Rickards‘ Sémillon. J. Rickards is a small producer located on the northern end of Dry Creek Valley. To find them, take the 101 North up to Canyon Road. Hang a right on Chianti, and then straight on until morning. This wine sits between a Viognier and a Sauvignon Blanc. Good acidity but not…

Spend Black Friday in Alexander Valley

This is one of my favorite events of the year. For $40 if you’re a member of any of the wine clubs involved, or $45 you get to wine taste at the following Buy tickets & sign up.

What wine goes with Thanksgiving?

Oh, how I love Thanksgiving. The turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, green beans, cranberry sauce and maybe some ham. Oh and stuffing. How could I forget the stuffing? All of those wines could wreak havoc on a wine pairing if you’re not careful. Thankfully, we have you covered. Here’s the 4 wines to pair with Thanksgiving. Zinfandel It’s really about the turkey and stuffing. The medium…

What wine goes with Halloween chocolate?

We took 3 popular chocolates for Halloween and paired them with 3 wines: 2 reds and a white wine. Snickers & Bedrock Wine Co. Albariño Reeses & Pedroncelli Winery Zinfandel M&M’s & Port. Full description will be on our patreon page at:

Review: Cairdeas Winery

One of the best parts about the Chelan wine region is you never quite know what you’re going to get with each winery in terms of varietals. While there seems to be no staple grape of the region, there seems to be a staple wine region to which the grapes predominately come from—France. Welcome to Cairdeas Winery. Cairdeas digs deep into the terroir of France…