Wine tasting is fun! It’s the ability to delve deeper into a winery’s portfolio. To see what they have across the board, from floral whites to dark and delicious reds. It’s a chance to go beyond what you can find at a local supermarket or even a wine shop. Most of the time, only a portion of the wine found at the winery can be selected off of a supermarket shelf.

But where do you start? A map is helpful but there’s a lot of wineries out there, more so it seems day by day. We want to create the best guide for you to get out there and to go wine tasting. To turn a relatively unknown winery into a place you’re excited to visit. We want you go ahead and try that Viognier, to venture into some red blends that you might have not normally sought.

But most of all, we want you to have fun. Wine tasting should be nothing but enjoyable. It’s a chance to toss your worries aside and to sip/spit some wine. If you don’t laugh at least once while wine tasting, you’re doing something wrong.

It’s our hope that through Beyond Napa Valley that you’ll get out and discover new wines and wineries that you might normally would have missed. Let’s go wine tasting!

The Team behind Beyond Napa Valley

Haydn S. Adams

Haydn is constantly on the search for the next great location to wine taste. He has a nose for rosé and a super palate for everything else. He’s traveled around the world to taste wine. From Champagne, France to the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

He wrote the book on Dry Creek & Alexander Valley, writing about wine tourism before wine tourism was a thing. When he’s not working in San Francisco or Marin County, he’s constantly cruising through Sonoma County tasting wine. He’s still not sure if Napa will let him in, and thus he hangs out often in the Napa-Carneros region. There’s Pinot & Sparkling Wine in those parts and he’s quite content there.

He also works at Pedroncelli Winery, pouring wine, discussing the merits over how Robert Parker stole his line when it comes to their Zinfandel and attempting to memorize the 4 portuguese varietals in their Port.

He has also taught wine classes in Marin County and has given lectures on wine. He has a soft spot for Grenache and Taittinger.

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