I thought I’d talk about 3 wines that I recommend for Valentine’s Day, that’s not sparkling.

1. Pinot Gris
The French equivalent to Pinot Grigio. An under-the-radar white that you can surprise your date with during dinner over seafood. It can also hold up to Thai or other asian spices as long as they aren’t too spicy. The wine featured in the video is the 2016 Taft Street Winery Pinot Gris.

2. Albariño
I like the Albariño for myriad of reasons, but on a Valentine’s Day date, I thought the possibility could be high that you’re going for Tapas, as they are meant to be shared. And when in Spain, do as the Spaniards. The wine featured is the Albariño, by Bedrock Wine Co., made in part with help from Michael Havens, the first to bring this Spanish varietal to the new world.

3. Tempranillo
Also going in the Spanish direction here. I call Tempranillo’s baby cabs as they tend to ripen faster and, to me, age just a bit faster too. You can pair this grape with any medium-style means or a lean cut of beef. But don’t go too far in the steak department. Plus, steaks are heavy for a Valentine’s Day dinner. The wine featured is the Lot II by Mercury Wine.

Hope this gives you time to go out to your local wine shop and pick up one of these 3 varietals for Valentine’s Day.