(part 3 in a 3 part series)

Ah, the quarterback (ok, I promise no more football analogies). I figured I’d leave the biggest one for last. This is a Cabernet through and through. On the nose it’s earthy with some plums and mushrooms. But upon another whiff, you also get undercurrents of milk chocolate and floral scents. I think it proves that while he may be the Quarterback, he’s also light on his feet (sorry, ok, this time no more football metaphors).

The mid palate shows strong tannins which hold the cab together. A bit of cherries come out when sipping this guy. The cocoa hangs out but fades a little into the background.

I recommend pairing the cab with gravy and mashed potatoes. That heavier sauce will work to cut through those tannins (I’m still stunned how they are still so strong in a ‘10). You can also pair the Petit Verdot with veggie stir fry or tempura. You can dive deeper into the meat world and go with braised short ribs or a steak stew. Just watch the sauce or rub isn’t too heavy. Don’t get the molasses too close to this one.