Oh, the Petit Verdot. It’s one of the Bordeaux family of grapes, though it seems to be the middle child. The Cab and Merlot are the quarterback and running back of the wine world while the Malbec is the kicker and the Cabernet Franc is on special teams. The Malbec gets called in on random occasions to finish the job on a blend and the Cab Franc sneaks up on you on a 99-yard punt return. (I may or may not be watching football while writing this). Where was I? Oh yes, the Petit Verdot.

This Petit Verdot is going to do a little dance on your taste buds. That is, if I can get my nose out of the glass. The bouquet is beautiful, with fresh, fresh blackberries coming straight at ya. I’m talking right off the vine (no pun intended), freshly picked, farmers market fresh blackberries. In addition, you’ll find cranberries, a hint of pineapple and, again, kudos to Sam, purple skittles. I initially said candied fruit, but she nailed that one.

Right, getting that nose out of the glass. The mid palate demonstrated similar characteristics, but it’s as if the juice from the fruits above were squeezed out and the skins removed. There is also a hint of vanilla. Imagine a mixture of juices and purple skittles.

Actually don’t, literally. Now that I think about it for a second, that doesn’t really look appealing. Maybe it’s a good thing Ocean Spray hasn’t come out with a cran-blackberry-pineapple-purple-skittle juice drink. Looks aside, the notes of all of those components play so nicely together.

The Petit is reserved. It knows it’s good. No need for an end-zone victory dance (again, not that I’m watching football). It’s dreamy and delicious.

Oh yes, pairing. One word—turkey. Ok two words: turkey/tofurky. The tannins are there and quite pronounced, but the meat will cut through so well. Easy on the gravy. Nothing too heavy or you’ll overpower this guy.

As the French say, let this bottle sleep. Not unlike what might commence post Thanksgiving. This Petit can easily go 10-15 years. Unless you’re thirsty.

(this is part 2 of a 3 part series)