It may be approaching nearly a decade since picking, but this Pinot Noir is bright and beautiful. The soft tannins give way to ripe fruit, namely strawberries, passion fruit and guava. And that’s all in the nose. After letting this wine breathe for a few minutes, the summer-ripe fruit gave way to a bit of pepper and a mixture of a little cola.

For the wine to be pushing double digits, I expected more of the fruit to fall away and a bit of earthiness to show up. It didn’t. Which leads me to believe that, if you don’t open it up on turkey/tofurky day, it can go another 5+ years.

Looking to open it up sooner? Pair it with different smoked meats, but nothing too spicy. A Pinot Noir is still delicate and anything that contains too much heat will blow it out. Naturally Pinot is a lovely partner for turkey, ham, and stuffing.

(this is part 1 in a 3 part series)